Learn More About your Customers

Want to learn more about who’s on your database and what interests them?

Develop content they can’t help but want!

Write an article, build a checklist, get an interview with a visionary in your field – anything that will make your readers stop and look.

Then email a teaser to your database and ask readers to click to ‘Read More’. Take them to a ‘Progressive Web Form’ and ask them to fill out two questions only (eg: their first name and their company name) before they can download your content.

Each time you do this (always with new content – a new article, or a new checklist etc.) you can ask them two more questions (eg: what industry are they in and what is their position in their company). Using a ‘Progressive Web Form’ like this, you’ll learn more and more about your readers and you can use the additional information to customise the emails they receive.

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