Automated Event Invites

If you’ve ever been the poor soul put in charge of organising a workshop or seminar (online or in real life), you know what a pain it can be. It’s made worse by multiple regions or venues; venues that need directions; reminders the day before; and thank you notes afterwards. It’s too much paperwork, too many emails to keep track of, and too many details to remember.

We can automate this process for you – you won’t have to do a thing!

We will:

  1. Design your invitation and send it to your database (the whole thing or a segment).
  2. Create an online booking form for delegates to book.
  3. Send each person who’s booked a confirmation email, with a link to save the date for their region. (This will save the appointment to their Outlook calendar.)
  4. The day before the event, we’ll send each person a reminder for their event, in their region, with directions to their venue.
  5. After the event, we’ll send each attendee a thank you note.

Sound like something you need? Please contact us.

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